hello, again

Blogging! It has been so long since I wrote one of these I almost don’t remember what to do. I had to take about, oh 3 years off while getting my law degree and license but now that I don’t have legalese sucking every free moment of my life away I can get back to the things I love.

I decided on this blog because I thought it would be a good way of journaling my life and maybe someone out there will enjoy reading it. I hope nothing legal will creep its way in here, but I apologize in advance because the main thing they taught us in school was the importance of using three words when one would suffice.

I chose this name for a couple of reasons. First, we adopted a black lab from the shelter named Liberty. She has quickly become my favorite running buddy. She is extremely smart (like I almost had to take her back to the shelter, smart), very strong, but above all she is the cuddliest little cuddle bug. She currently runs approx. 5-10 miles per week, but I’ll explain more later. Second, one of my favorite things about running is the freedom. The mental, physical freedom. Thus, I enjoy running with my dog, and running free.

I primarily run road right now, as I am often looking for something quick. I am currently averaging about 30-45 miles per week. I am very interested in running trails and would love comments and advice on how to transition.

I hope to use this space to document the brands I prefer, the foods I eat, the cycling/lifting crosstraining I engage in, the mileage I put on my shoes, my successes and failures, my recovery, my injuries, my weekend adventures, and cute stories about Liberty. If any of that sounds interesting, stay tuned.

I’m not a 100lb weight loss story. I’m not trying to sell or promote anything. I’m just a person trying to make the most of life and maybe encourage some people along the way.



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